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Do Frog Bikes comply with Standards; EN, ISO CPSC standards?

Every single Frog bikes frame, fork and component is rigorously tested and conforms to EN, ISO and CPSC standards. 

The Tadpole and Tadpole Plus have passed EN71 (Toys) which is the standard for Balance bikes.

The Frog 43 and 48 have passed EN14765, ISO 8098 and CPSC 1512 and are supplied with a full chain guard as standard, which stores can fit if requested when you collect the bike. US and Australian bikes include coaster wheels.

The Frog 52, 55, 62, 69, 73 and 78 have passed EN14764, ISO 4210 and CPSC 1512.

The Frog Road and Track 58, 67 and 70 have passed EN14781, ISO 4210 and CPSC 1512. 

The Frog MTBs 62, 69 and 72 have passedISO 4210 and CPSC 1512. 

If you would like more details about the nature of the testing, and how our bikes conform to the standards, please contact us on info@frogbikes.com Further details are also available from BSI Standards Publications

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