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You never know where your dreams may lead you

by the Team Sky riders

You never know where your dreams may lead you

We asked a number of the Team Sky riders what first got them into riding their bikes – from taking their first pedal strokes to becoming the top cyclists you see riding for the team today. Ben Swift was clearly cut out to be a sprinter from the start. He started riding because “it’s exciting being on a bike, there aren’t many sports where at a young age you can go so fast”.

Find out what other riders said, and can you guess who these two 12 year olds are?

Geraint Thomas returns to his old club Maindy FlyersGeraint Thomas went back to his local cycling club, the Maindy Flyers, last year and spoke to the kids at the track. G’s sense of adventure was what got him into cycling “When you’re a kid you can only walk so far. But when you’re on a bike you can travel a lot further. It’s an adventure and it can take you to new places”

Chris Froome and Richie Porte had a similar quest to discover more. Chris told us “It felt as if I was able to do a lot more once I started riding a bike” and Richie added “Your push-bike is your first bit of freedom. I remember when I was young we always had bikes and we’d ride to the park. Then we’d move on to trying to do jumps! I loved to get home and take the bike out."


Team Sky young fans competition entries


 Many of our young fans described similar feelings when telling us “Why they love riding their bikes” as part our 5th anniversary competition. 

So you never know where your dreams may lead you, or the friends you might make along the way - as the story from these two 12 year olds shows when they met in a café after the National Youth Series.  “It’s unbelievable! We were just two twelve year old kids in a café eating a tuna baguette, and twelve years later we’re both professional cyclists in one of the best teams, if not the best team, in the world, near the top of our game. And we’re still best mates now and I think it’s pretty cool to look back and think that. How many twelve year old kids want to turn professional cyclists....and we have!"

Who were the two riders? Team Sky’s very own Pete Kennaugh and Luke Rowe.

Luke Rowe and Pete Kennaugh as young riders

(with thanks to Pete Kennaugh Snr for the photo of Pete and Luke, and thanks to Rocket Sports Management for the photo of G & the children)