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Team Sky & Frog Bikes - Helping kids enjoy the freedom of cycling
Little things make a big difference - Lightweight frames, Quality componentry, Affordability, Slim-grip brakes, Narrow handlebars
Giant leaps begin with little wins
Lightweight Kids' Bikes - For the Team Sky Rider in your family

Team Sky Kids' Bikes Designed By Frog Helping kids enjoy the freedom of cycling

Team Sky and Frog Bikes have joined forces to develop a new range of high quality, lightweight kids' bikes to encourage more kids to get out and enjoy the freedom of cycling. Frog only make bikes for kids and now, with Team Sky, have the ultimate partnership. Together we're making a giant leap forward for kids' bikes!

The Team Sky Kids' Bike Range Giant leaps begin with little wins

Giant leaps come in different forms - from the first moments of gliding on a balance bike to taking part in the first race. Owning a Team Sky Kids' Bike is about learning skills, gaining confidence and, most importantly, having fun! There is a Team Sky Kids' Bike for all kids from ages 2 to 14. The range includes a balance bike, first pedal bike, and variety of sizes in hybrids and road bikes.

With the same great features you would expect from Frog, each of our bikes is lightweight and designed specifically with the younger rider in mind - and of course, they all carry Team Sky's signature blue line. The blue line is like Team Sky's badge, and connects the whole team together in the shared ambition of being the best. It appears on everything - the bikes, kit, cars and even the team bus. With the blue line and distinct Team Sky colours on your bike, you can feel like a pro and part of the team.

Little Things Make A Big Difference

  • Lightweight frames
  • Quality componentry
  • Affordability
  • Slim-grip brakes
  • Narrow handlebars

We are delighted that Frog Bikes are making our kids' bikes. Frog have created an impressive range which is superbly designed for young riders. We hope that these bikes will encourage more children to enjoy cycling, at all levels.

Carsten JeppesenHead of Technical Operations - Team Sky

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